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To allow interaction with users, a computer requires what is called an operating system, or OS. The OS manages all the computer resources (memory, processor, sound and graphics card...) and provides an interface to make them available to the end user.

AMC-OS is an operating system designed for Intel x86 32-bit platforms (from 386 to current Core2 processors). It is a preemptive multitasking system, meaning that it is able to provide an excution environment to multiple programs at the same time, and eventually make them run in parallel if the hardware permits it, by giving them time and resources. All running applications share the computer resources, under control of the OS.

This system uses all the capabilities of Intel IA-32 processors, and especially protected mode and pagination, giving each application a protected workspace, invisible to other applications, which can go up to 4GB of virtual memory. The OS and most applications are written in native 32 bits code, to assure a complete coherency and optimal speed.

AMC-OS microkernel and a large number of its device drivers are written in assembly language. Although it reduces system portability, it considerably increases the system velocity and its answer time to external events by using optimized and performant algorithms designed for IA-32 architecture.

AMC-OS license is GNU and GPL compliant.

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